The Book

The bookObrigado Madiba is a labour of love, a story of a great friendship between Abílio Soeiro and Nelson Mandela. A story of what can be achieved through dedication and hard work. A story of Mozambique, pre- and post-independence and the people that helped shape its destiny.

From his humble beginnings – a poor boy playing in the streets with other boys as poor or even poorer than him – to a determined entrepreneur. It was a long journey, a journey built on ideas and the courage to accomplish them. Abílio takes readers along on his journey in Obrigado Madiba.

We follow him through his childhood and youth, spent in neighborhoods on Ibo Island and in Pemba in colonial Mozambique during the fifties and sixties.

His journey was neither easy nor straight. By reading this book, we realise that the author’s path was paved with signs that he carefully learned to interpret. Abílio was in Boroma near the town of Tete, serving his last mission in the military when a snake inside one of his boots led him to discover an advertisement recruiting crewmembers for the Mozambican airline.

Years later, after escaping unscathed from a plane crash, Abílio concluded that the time had come for him to abandon what he was doing and follow his passion – to create a national entrepreneurship in his young country.

The bond of friendship that he shares with Madiba was more than a mere coincident. It was fate.

In a simple and engaging tone, this book will give you details of a journey that is worth knowing, a discovery of small and unexpected pleasures. It will give you a unique view of Nelson Mandela’s family life in Mozambique.